PAX East is in Boston, March 10-12! I’m taking a tip from PAX South and bringing back commissioned art at my Bandland booth — and I’m also at a zillion panels INCLUDING ACQUISITIONS INCORPORATED where K’thriss Drow’b has Mary-Sued himself into canon. What class does he play? What will he bring to the table? I know the answer to the first, not the second.

Also for the first time, Abby Howard will be there for the live Scared Yet! Excited to pair with her in person and come back to discussing horror, along with other esteemed horror enthusiasts.

Scared Yet? A Discussion of Horror in Media

  • FRIDAY 3/10 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Jump scare! Kris Straub (Broodhollow, Candle Cove) and Abby Howard (The Last Halloween, Junior Scientist Power Hour) hold an informal roundtable on where fear works best in gaming and other media, and where it doesn’t make the cut. Come for the frightening… stay for the enlightening.

PANELISTS: Kris Straub, Abby Howard, Casey Eagan, Cohen Edenfield, Alanah Pearce

Jackbox at PAX … box

  • FRIDAY 3/10 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Do you like Quiplash 2? Of course you do!

Do you like Jerry Holkins, Kris Straub, Kate Stark, Jeff Kalles, and Nika Harper? Of course you do!

Well you should check out this panel and watch these awesome people play this awesome game. If you are unfamiliar, it’s just gonna be a bunch of hilarious folks making snarky responses to prompts while you vote on a winner live from your phone.

PANELISTS: Jerry Holkins, Kris Straub, Kate Stark, Jeff Kalles, Nika Harper

Pitch Your Game Idea

  • SATURDAY 3/11 7:30PM – 8:30PM

You’ve got 45 seconds to deliver your idea to our panel of experts. The top three pitches will be picked for prizes and swag! (Please note: this is an open forum – there’s nothing keeping anyone, judges and attendees alike, from stealing your ideas! If you aren’t comfortable with this, please don’t pitch your game.)

PANELISTS: Jeff Kalles and friends …

Movies with Mikey LIVE!

  • SATURDAY 3/11 9:30PM – 10:30PM

The best damn movie show on the internet is BACK for another live show, just for the PAX East audience! And Mikey’s brought a friend! Kris Straub joins the show for more interesting theories, facts, stories, and an extra dollop of sour cream on the nachos of life.

Some metaphors may be reworked before the show.

PANELISTS: Mikey Neumann [Mikey: Movies with Mikey], Kris Straub [Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, Local 58]

Acquisitions Incorporated Live at PAX East

  • SUNDAY 3/12 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series—live, on the main stage at PAX East! Join Jim Darkmagic (Mike Krahulik), Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins), Môrgæn (Morgan Webb), and special secret guest star, TV’s own K’thriss Drow’b (Kris Straub)!

Join the adventurers, along with Dungeon Master Chris Perkins, on an epic adventure about adventuring. Much adventure will be ventured.