Updated April 18, 2014: Late Night Dub Fight on Saturday!!

Hi PAXies — I’ll be at PAX East April 22-24! I’ll be at my table in Bandland when I’m not on panels. So what can you expect to see??



My Pinny Arcade pin this year is a napping Cadavre and his cat Fracture, as seen in the eponymous Broodhollow Courier-Post comic strip. I’ll be selling these at my table, along with a dwinding back catalog of other collectible pins.

And as for panel appearances:

Gosh Darn Fiasco Panel

Fiasco is a tabletop role playing game where terrible things happen. Gosh Darn Fiasco is a podcast where Angela Webber (THE DOUBLECLICKS) and funny people play Fiasco. The Gosh Darn Fiasco Show is a show where Angela and her very funny friends play a very special game-show-style version of Fiasco for your entertainment, with audience interaction, special guests, dice, deaths, goofs, gags, and so on.

Angela Webber [King, The Doubleclicks], Aubrey Webber [President, The Doubleclicks], Richard Malena [Co-Host, GoingLast], Kris Straub [Emperor, Broodhollow], Graham Stark [Champion of the proletariat, Loading Ready Run]

Jackbox at PAX …Box

Do you like Quiplash? Of course you do!

Do you like Jerry Holkins, Kris Straub, Nika Harper, Jeff Gerstmann, and Paul & Storm? Of course you do!

Well you should check out this panel and watch these awesome people play this awesome game. If you are unfamiliar, it’s just gonna be a bunch of hilarious people making snarky responses to questions while you vote on a winner live from your phone.

Jerry Holkins, Kris Straub, Nika Harper, Jeff Gerstmann, Paul and Storm

AppJunkies Live: The Worst Games Ever Made

Join the AppJunkies as they highlight the best of the worst games, straight from the seedy side of the app store. It’s an entirely new lineup of horrible app disasters, so prepare to be amazed (and slightly stunned) at this fast-paced journey through the Land of Absurdity. Often dubbed “the MST3K of B-Grade apps,” it’s an hour of your life you won’t get back. Audience heckling encouraged…at least, for those not rendered speechless.

Seven DeBord [Founder, IndieHangover / RaidWarning / AppJunkies], Kate Welch [Designer, Amazon Games], Brian Hough [Developer, Bleacher Report eSports / RaidWarning], Jacob Wood [EIC, IndieHangover], Kris Straub [Creator, Chainsawsuit Studios], Jenn Bane [Community Director, Cards Against Humanity]

Scared Yet: A Discussion of Horror in Media

Jump scare! Kris Straub (Broodhollow, Candle Cove) and a panel of esteemed horror and video game enthusiasts hold an informal roundtable on where fear works best in gaming and other media, and where it doesn’t make the cut. Come for the frightening… stay for the enlightening. Nope, that was bad. Please delete that.

Kris Straub, Alanah Pearce, Susan Arendt, Cohen Edenfield 

Pitch Your Game Idea

You’ve got 45 seconds to deliver your idea to our panel of experts. The top three pitches will be picked for prizes and swag! (Please note: this is an open forum – there’s nothing keeping anyone, judges and attendees alike, from stealing your ideas! If you aren’t comfortable with this, please don’t pitch your game.)

Late Night Dub Fight

Clawing its way out East, it’s the Late Night Dub Fight!

Relive moments from your favorite cartoons, video games, movies, TV shows, and anime, in a new and hilarious light. The Late Night Dub Fight pits panelists against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by re-dubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up his sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.