Saw It For You: Sausage Party (2016)

Sausage Party (2016)

Synopsis. Hot dogs look like penises, and buns sort of look like vaginas.

Tagline. You never sausage a party! F-word!


  • The movie was greenlighted after the president of Sony Pictures mistakenly believed he was giving “a husky intern my lunch order.”
  • Many reported that actor and co-writer Seth Rogen was difficult to work with, citing his concern that no one would understand the subtleties of hot dogs and sausages looking like penises, and the vertical opening of hot dog buns looking like vaginas.
  • Rogen believed that the hot dogs should have had “ketchup and mustard testicles,” even though this is not how the traditional condiments appear on hot dogs. Rogen explained that it would help “clarify” the penis-shaped nature of the sausages, and better contextualize the jokes for the audience.
  • Discarded early titles: Seth Rogen’s Are Those Penises or Sausages?, Put Your Wiener In My Bun, The Penises Can Talk But They’re Hot Dogs, The Talking Store Of Horny Food
  • The original pitch for Sausage Party was “what if food could…” followed by falling asleep.


  • Continuity. There is no continuity in this movie.
  • During the food party scene, a can of refried beans is mistakenly not wearing a sombrero, a poncho, a thin mustache, a sleepy expression, nor does it mention wanting to take “a long siesta, señor, because mi es uno mucho lazy Mexicano.” (Producers have stated this will be fixed for the DVD release.)
  • There is lip-sync only during the first three minutes of the movie, after which the characters’ faces default to the blank expressions on the rigs.
  • A number of inserts, reaction shots, establishing shots, dialogue, and ideas are from Foodfight! (2012). No lawsuits have been filed as no party is willing to claim ownership of Foodfight!.
  • Incorrectly regarded as error. When the Palestinian food murders the Jewish food, it is wielding a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, despite the prevalence of modified Chinese Type 56 rifles on the Gaza Strip. However, it is unknown which make of automatic weapon foods would prefer — thus, we can chalk the discrepancy up to comic whimsy.
  • Over 200 hours of Sir Laurence Olivier’s voice was digitally remastered and painstakingly edited together to provide the dialogue for Fart Pizza.
  • Belief in Seth Rogen.

Memorable Quotes

Hot Dog Man. I got a hard sausage today. This is hard meat, fully long and a big wiener. That’s what I am.
Vagona. I wish I could have a hard man’s meat inside of my slit, that’s of my bun. Fresh baked.
Hot Dog Man. I could go for a fresh baked. Baked like from weed. I want to get baked and blazed. Really toke up on the kind bud, smokin’ baked blunts.
Vagona. Then you could be a hard wiener.
Hot Dog Man. Ha ha, I forgot, that’s good — I’m blood sausage. So I’m full of blood. Ha ha.

Black Hot Dog. Man, y’all be trippin’, hip hop. Fuck.
Chinese Hot Dog. I want sweet and sour mustard, honorable sushi. Shit. Condom.
Hot Dog Man. Whoa, this talking food is irreverent!

Post-credits text crawl. Hello everyone, this is Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the writers of Sausage Party. We wanted to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who helped make our little movie become a reality. We were just reflecting on what a fragile thing an idea is, and how without the proper attention and guidance, so many ideas that have the potential to change the world never get to see the light of day. The list of names you just saw are all people who have our deepest gratitude. Many hundreds of professionals shepherded our tiny seed of a screenplay into full bloom, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their efforts, their time, and their love.

We look forward to bringing you many more adventures of Sausage Party in the years — and decades — to come. Thank you to everyone, especially the viewing audience. The men and women behind the cameras that made our dreams come true… but it’s each of you out there who allowed our dreams to take flight.

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  • DarthBrookes

    At one point in the film a piece of broccoli with giant cans talks for eight minutes about how, “vegetarians think they’re better than everyone but they just as fucked up.” At which point Rogen can be heard in the background of the voice over, not in character, yell, “get me a cheeseburger! A veal one! Haha! That’s messed up!” And then just bubbling noises…

  • Robofish

    OK, you’ve made this one up. This cannot possibly be a real movie.

  • Whaddup fam

    The instant I saw the bun I pooped myself. Why would they ever release the most obvious vagina looking piece of s*** in a kids movie. If this isn’t secretly softcore porn, I’m going to kill myself.

    • The trailer drops several f-bombs and the penis/vagina jokes are, um… well earned.

      It’s no kids movie, clearly.

      But I’m sure someone will take their kids to it, because someone always does.

      • Neil Johnson

        the script was leaked and there is an orgy scene that goes on for two pages apparently

    • Jor-El

      Animated does not equal kids movie. For historical reference see Fritz the Cat or Heavy Metal

  • TimTylor

    Nice way to lethally kill the 3D ‘puter anim industry just as I’m finally getting the hang of Blender

  • BaronHaynes

    Man, this one is *brutal*.

  • D20 Despot

    Just imagine all the hurt that the poor concept artist must have felt when Seth Rogen told him, “No, wait, make sure the vagina bun also has tits. So people know it’s a chick.”

    Imagine an overworked animator coming home after a hard day trying to get the scent lines coming off the asparagus character’s stream of urine to look *just* right. His two year old son is already asleep. He hasn’t seen the boy in months. His wife greets him with a yawn, “How was work, honey? Did you make me proud today?” The animator tries to forces out a laugh, but only a whimper escapes. Inside, his soul weeps. For him, there is no laughter. Not anymore. Not ever.

  • disqus_FVGrcj7N59

    This is one movie that you must see in IMax 3D.

  • Sean

    Incorrectly regarded as error: Cute things swearing gets old after a while. Turns out it doesn’t! That joke never runs out of milk.
    Also fun fact:
    Seth Rogan saw Pixels and thought “Man I wish I could make that Adam Sandler money”

  • Sean

    …and michael cera was never respected again

  • Nolan

    Good ole Weirdowood. This premise of this movie barely has legs as a 2 min sketch, but here hundreds of people worked really hard to animate and voice it. Just unbelieveable

  • Partial Spectator

    -Variety erroneously posted a paid advertisement for this film which was mislabeled as a positive review.

  • Servbot

    Thank you Kris Straub. This is what I’ve needed.

  • perfect start to the day

  • Kintrex

    Animation, where “adult” is synonymous with “juvenile”.