Saw It For You: Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens (2015)

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

Synopsis. Decades after the Empire’s defeat, a new band of Rebels must stop the Empire from doing the same thing again.

Tagline. What Awakens? It is the Force.

Promotional tie-in. Everything looks better from a Kia Sorento. Star Wars in theaters December 18th.


  • This is director J.J. Abrams’ third Star Trek film.
  • To prevent plot points from being leaked, each scene in The Force Awakens was completely improvised.
  • Visual effects specialists pored over thousands of hours of footage and reference photos in order to meticulously reconstruct an accurate Harrison Ford.
  • Perhaps overreacting to criticism of his earlier movies, Abrams took extreme precautions to ensure that no light sources would create lens flares on camera. This was achieved by shooting the entirety of The Force Awakens in total darkness with night-vision optics, and then digitally coloring the scenes in post.
  • Director’s trademark. 3D silver letters, in Futura, that permanently hover near all characters and locations displaying their names.
  • Carrie Fisher reprises her role as Metal Bikini Woman, whom faithful Star Wars fans know from being licked by the Crime Worm.


  • The Millennium Falcon changes scale throughout the movie. This is most glaringly noticeable when the Star Destroyer tractors the Falcon into its cargo bay, and the Falcon retaliates by tractoring the Star Destroyer into its own cargo bay.
  • Han Solo refers to this as a “Mexican tractor-beam standoff.” Mexico does not exist yet.
  • Rey (Daisy Ridley) is stalked throughout the movie by a metal orange ball that sometimes makes noises. This is never addressed by any character.
  • Continuity. The movie opens with an aged Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill in a single-line cameo) saying “If you guys need anything, I’ll be here next to this tree.” When he motions to give a thumbs-up, his hand is being chopped off by Darth Vader.
  • The planet of Alderaan “finally having recuperated” seems inconsistent with the events of A New Hope. 
  • Incorrectly regarded as goof. When Han shaves Chewbacca’s back, a second Chewbacca face is inexplicably revealed beneath the fur. However, this may just be a previously unknown trait of Wookiee physiology.
  • On set, actor John Boyega couldn’t help but shout “bang” each time he fired a blaster. The production team was forced to make all blaster fire sound like John Boyega saying “bang.”
  • Equipment gaffe. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) can occasionally be seen consulting the back of a Kylo Ren action figure box before delivering dialogue.
  • No explanation is given for Finn and Kylo to lightsaber-fight using just the tips.
  • During the First Order assembly, George Lucas can be clearly seen wandering forlornly through the rows of stormtroopers.

Memorable Quotes

Rey. Garbage! Garbage for sale.
Garbago. I’ll buy some of your garbage. This garbage is very good.
Rey. I wish I had a bigger destiny to fulfill.

Han Solo. We’re all getting old, pal.
Chewbacca. Raaaawr.
Han Solo. It’s not the years, Chewie… it’s the parsecs. (five-second-long wry smile directly into camera) (fade to slow panning closeup of Solo’s face as he grins and knowingly nods) (faint overlay of fedora and coiled whip) (music swells as John Williams’ Han and Leia theme gently incorporates Raiders March)

Kylo Ren. We Sith will rebuild and take what is ours. Soon the galaxy will know the power of the Dark Side once more. Senator Bimbambanoonoo, ready the Trade Federation gleepgheeps.

C-3PO. Oh my! It is so good to see you again, my friend!
R2-D2. (beeps and whistles)
C-3PO. My databanks may be faulty, but I will never forget that night.
R2-D2. (oohs)
C-3PO. R2, you’re incorrigable! Not here during General Leia’s briefing!
R2-D2. (beeps and whistles)
C-3PO. (servo motor noises)
R2-D2. (servo motor noises)

Finn. It doesn’t make any sense for me to be here. Stormtroopers are supposed to be white. Just more SJW bullshit.

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  • Rotational Symmetry

    This is the best thing today.

    • Brent

      This is the best thing, period. No qualifications are necessary

  • Nicholas Ah-Loe

    I thought stormtroopers were Maori.

    • that hasn’t stopped racists from saying “stormtroopers are white” when the casting was first announced!

      • James Hogan

        Plot twist: they were complaining about Lieutenant-Corporal Fanta-plasma’s silver armor.

        (Probably not)

    • Robofish

      At least in the original trilogy, the only time any troopers took their helmets off were when they were Han and Luke in disguise, so who knows? Maybe they were all black and we never realised?

      • Trainshaman

        God, you people are so ignorant. Of course storm troopers are all white. It’s the TIE Fighter pilots that are all black.

  • JLC


    • In order to get a more authentic reaction from the cast during Chewbacca’s death scene, JJ Abrams himself cut off actor Peter Mayhew’s head with a real lightsaber.

    • Harrison Ford’s still-mending ankle kept low-angle shots to a minimum, which explains why a good deal of the movie is shot in a waist-deep pond.

    • CAMEO. The walrus-man from the original Star Wars makes a return during a stormtrooper firefight, where his one remaining arm is blown off in an explosion and he turns directly to the camera and blubbers, “Oh boy, not agaaaaaaaain!”

    • JJ Abrams fell in love with Oscar Isaac’s improvised line “Poe Dameron? More like Poe Ham-eron”, and even reshot the scene so that Isaac could be eating a comically large glazed ham while he said it. Unfortunately, the actor found that he could not speak with a mouthful of glazed ham, so the take that found itself into the movie has Abrams himself shouting the words from offscreen.

    • The identity of Kylo Ren was a point of contention for most of the filming, to the point that the scene where he removes his helmet was shot multiple times with different actors. Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, one of the Bith musicians from the cantina scene in episode IV, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Peter Cushing [drawn from archival footage] all at one point got to deliver the line “No, Han…I’m actually YOUR father.”

    • When Harrison Ford wanted to finish filming for the day he would just say “I’m going to bed now” and walk off the set, usually in the middle of a take, which explains why so many scenes end with Han Solo interrupting another character by saying “I’m going to bed now.”


    • Han Solo is heard saying “Luke Skywalker?…I haven’t seen him in a very long time.” However, a collectible Luke Skywalker action figure can be seen on the top of the bookcase immediately to his left.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS GOOF. Though unlikely, it is possible that C-3PO could dual-wield two laser-scimitars.

    • CONTINUITY. In the scene where Luke Skywalker is teaching Finn how to harness the force, Mark Hamill’s outfit changes from a Jedi cloak to an open bathrobe multiple times.

    • JLC


      • “Chewie’s Execution Theme” is a carbon copy of “Parade of the Ewoks” from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

      • The Murder Planet is supposed to be “forty death stars mashed together”, but its destructive capabilities are consistent with that of a normal death star.

      • When the Murder Planet explodes, Kylo Ren rockets off into space, spins around the sun, and bonks directly into the rebel command ship, leaving a conspicuous Kylo Ren-shaped hole in the hull, all the while screaming “Oh big daddy dark side, save my wicked hide!” Their are many logical issues which make this improbable.

      • The ‘final battle’ is simply the Han/Chewbacca love scene played backwards.


      “You thought that there weren’t going to be any more of the Wars in these Stars. But you were wrong.”

      “It’s your good old friends Luke and Han here to say: the Jedis are back, baby, and ready to rumble!”


  • MrCanoehead

    Title in Japan: Adventures Of Lucky Orange Happy Ball.