Hi all — here’s what you can get from my shop for holiday times.

Yes! Broodhollow Book 2 is in stock now, for those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter.

The PAX Prime 2015 pin, the Starslip insignia, is also in my shop!

And most timely of all — Broodhollow Book 1 is nearing the end of its availability. The softcover will eventually be reprinted without the spot gloss and embossing from the Kickstarter, but the hardcover — which I have never made available for sale outside of the Kickstarter — will not be reprinted. There are only 25 left of both. Good luck!

Also please check out these six auctions for my original art which will end in just a few days! Including pieces like this:

The auction pieces will ship after the 7th of December. Thanks!!