• Chloister

    Good stuff! I got spooked just listening to this. Your Laurel and Hardy story in particular, that would have wrecked me!

    When I was little, my sister and I shared a room, and we would listen to kids stories/songs on cassette with the lights off before bed. We had a Sesame Street one where after the last song, a period of silence would pass, then out of nowhere Bert's voice would say in a sort of nervous, sing-song tone: "Ernie". It freaked us out!
    I wish we still had it (and a cassette player). The period of silence felt so long, but probably wasn't. And the way he said it seemed so eerie, but I think my mind has distorted his delivery over time. I WILL NEVER KNOW!

    I don't know about Candle Cove not working in the 90's. I have vague memories of movies and videogames that I swear were real but haven't been able to find online.

  • bendarr

    Does anyone remember this kids show? It was called Charles Brown or something, and I used to watch it around holidays. It was about this kid, but all the other kids just made fun of him. He always tried his best, but no matter what he did, it was never good enough for the other kids. I remember there was even a running gag about a girl that would trick him into falling onto his face or back or something, over and over again. Wasn't there a kid that wallowed in his own filth? Christ, the things they let us watch back then.

  • Kyle_Douglas

    There's a moment near the end (19:50 in) with the phrase "You know what I mean?" and a thoughtful pause that reminded me immediately, probably due to the context of the discussion, of the way Fred Rogers spoke to his audience.

    I do find it interesting that I remember a lot about Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from my childhood except for the puppet-heavy Neighborhood of Make-Believe segments. I remember the big blue castle and that's about it.

    I can definitely understand your annoyance at the feeling of lack of ownership of the story. I had read it somewhere online but was unaware you'd written it until it was referenced in a chainsawsuit comic a couple of years later.

    Also, it's slightly distressing that the lower half of the word "turn" can be seen on the whiteboard behind you, with "around" perhaps looming out of frame. I wonder if that was deliberate or not.

  • Oh man, I remember reading Candle Cove when it was first posted on ChainsawSuit, underneath a cryptic, animated comic.

    The gimmick of the comic was that as you look at it, the character’s eyes turn to static, and then the entire strip turns to static. However, I was reading it in an RSS feed reader and the animated GIF didn’t work quite right. Instead, the character’s pupils disappeared. Then, the entire strip just vanished. In some ways, I think that was even creepier.

  • Adam Butcher

    I found that last comment really interesting about "I wish people didn't need it to be a hoax to find it scary".

    I made "Internet Story" with the exact same feeling, thinking "no-one will think this is really real"…and yet they did. And if it wasn't for that hoax-factor it wouldn't have spread anywhere near as well…so it's a double-edged sword.

  • RoboGoofers

    Here's a similar anecdote:

    I remember watching an SNL skit back in the 90's about a german kid's tv show. It's not a popular skit so can't be found in collections, and NBC is clueless about the power of youtube for archiving their old skits, so I've never seen it since it aired. I've searched and searched but all i could find was the transcript of it.

    I remember another SNL skit which i can find no evidence of. it's in the format of a polical ad: Will ferrell is running for president of a deserted island. he is disheveled and unstable. i remember him saying that if you vote for him, he WILL eat you. i think it was a series of short ads throughout the episode because i remember another one where it was the same character just screaming at the camera.

    That's one of the reasons Candle Cove rang so true with me. i have these memories that, without the context of SNL, would be disturbing and terrifying.

    • RoboGoofers

      ok the island one is from season 25 (1999) and Jennifer aniston was the host. the skit is called "Kim Plunket"

      no transcript of the skit, but at least it's not candle cove.

    • Jay Dee

      This short is available from Comcast’s onDemand service. I don’t know the episode, but I did see this when binge-watching old SNL episodes.

      It was re-occuring through the episode, in which Ferrel’s character is running against other people, I think the host of the show, and they steadily get crazier while they presumably devolve on the island.

  • nemryn

    Where's the video? All I'm seeing is static.

    • Jay Dee

      This seems like a joke comment but I also got static when trying to watch on mobile.

  • Jay Dee

    Are you going to adress “Ichor Falls” at all?

  • Huh. I always kind of assumed that the show was real (within the context of the narrative, I mean), but that adults couldn't see it.

    I guess there isn't really much more than a philosophical difference between "magical evil show that adults can't see" and "psychic message in the static that targets a group of children"

  • Anonymous

    A real-life Chainsawsuit begins! http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2014/11/12