Chainsawsuit @ PAX Prime


Chainsawsuit will be at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle! I will be at my table in Bandland all show long, Friday through Monday.

Badges have been sold out for a long time, so if you’re going, you know who you are already! Everything going on is under the cut:


After our panel…

Right after our 7:30 panel, the first Chainsawsuit Hangdown is happening Saturday night in the 6th Ave Sheraton lobby at 9:00 PM. Mikey has held an informal hangout in that lobby at previous PAX Primes where everyone eats pizza and drinks and plays board games!

It’s not an official event, so we’ll try to take over as many couches and chairs as we can!


Watch my D&D Celebrity Game Intro on The Nerdist!!

The Acquisitions Incorporated D&D Game is Saturday night, opposite the Chainsawsuit panel. But no matter which panel you attend, you will get a Full Kris Injection, since I did the intro animation for the game once more. But — if you can’t make it, you can just watch the new intro here (or below)!


New pin!

Pinny Arcade is debuting many new pins, including a dice-rolling Cthulhu available at my booth in Bandland:



The official schedule is out, so be sure not to miss these panels!

Keynote Speaker: Mikey Neumann

Friday 10:30AM
Main Theatre
We are excited to announce that for our PAX Prime 2014 Storytime Session we have the extremely talented Chief Creative Champion from Gearbox Software, Mikey Neumann. Mikey has worked at Gearbox for 13 years and has written for many of their games, most notably the Borderlands franchise. Mikey spends his free time writing novels, comics with IDW Publishing, and doing a comedy podcast with Kris Straub called Chainsawsuit.


Chainsawsuit Live (Kris and Mikey)

Saturday 7:30PM
Hedgehog Theatre
Put your chainsaws in the air — Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, D&D Intro Animations) and Mikey Neumann (Borderlands, the voice of Scooter, The Returners) record their LIVE comedy talk podcast LIVE in front of a living PAX audience. If you like laughing, you will not want to miss this. If you hate laughing, bring a pack of Twizzlers and crinkle the wrapper very rudely. This panel will be streamed live on


Inside Gearbox Software (Mikey)

Sunday 10:30AM
Main Theatre
Gearbox Software is back at PAX Prime and we are taking over the Main Theatre! This is your opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at Gearbox Software and get the latest news and updates on Borderlands and upcoming Gearbox titles! We will have never before seen reveals, exclusives and surprises so don’t miss out and hang out with Gearbox at PAX Prime!


Gauntlet Tourney Semi-Finals (Kris)

Sunday 6:30PM
South Lobby, 4th Floor
I’m participating in a tourney for the new Gauntlet reboot — this will also be streamed on on the official PAX channel. I’ll also be playing while I #needfoodbadly — I’ll have starved myself for 24 hours prior just to see how it affects my gameplay. More details here!


Pitch-Your-Game Panel (Kris)

Monday 11:00AM
Sasquatch Theatre
You’ve got 45 seconds to deliver your idea to our panel of experts. The top three pitches will be picked for prizes and swag! (Please note that this is an open forum – theres’s nothing keeping anyone, judges and attendees alike, from stealing your ideas! If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t pitch your idea!)

  • Cyndy

    Do you need a Saturday pass for the meetup? I have passes for Sunday and Monday but not Saturday.

    • The meetup is technically outside of PAX, it has no official capacity or entrance requirements. We're just going to the Sheraton lobby to hang out.

  • Giggleloop

    I would hope that the keynote & Gearbox panels will also be streamed on Twitch? The main theatre usually is. *fingers massively crossed*

    • Keynote for sure. Gearbox panel I'm not sure.

      • LMcCJ

        If it isn't, Shannon, "put your cell phone in the airrrrrrr" and tape it for us. 😉

        • Giggleloop

          The Gearbox panel at East was streamed, since it was in the main theatre. I think we'll be good.

          It just occurred to me that I think they're doing the d&d game on Saturday night too? Hope they're not overlapping! Although eff it, I can watch the d&d game on YouTube later! 🙂

          • LMcCJ

            The D&D game goes on for hours and hours. You can jump into the end of that.

  • Really excited! This is my first PAX and I can't wait to see you guys' panel. I assume you'll be around the show floor as well?

    • krisstraub

      Like I said — I have a table in Bandland! Mikey will often be there as well!!

  • ThomasG

    Any chance the Chainsawsuit Live panel will be posted on twitch in a manner similar to Mikey's keynote?

    • LMcCJ

      giggleloop sent me this link. It's from 6:06:00 to 7:07:00

      I haven't tried it yet.

      • ThomasG

        Jeffster! G-Loop! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

        • ThomasG

          i like to pry bottle caps off with a key when i have no bottle opener
          i got 4 points, just like SS!
          the live quiz was neat
          Fish Plank commercial – perfect
          that was a fun show

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