• Kyle_Douglas

    So the turtles do not use their weapons in Turtles II.
    The Enterprise does not fire its weapons in Star Trek 2: Into Darkness.

    Coincidence? Or terrifying multi-decade conspiracy orchestrated by David Warner still trying to usher in his Gorkon-esque tyranny of peace and tolerance?!?

    Probably the first one. Probably

    • I started reading this comment and was all 😐 — emotionally static

      But as I finished it, I was all :0 — emotionally overwhelmed with realization.

  • Giggleloop

    I would rather watch Mikey's reviews than that abysmal new Turtles movie any day of the week.

  • I love this series. Any hope of any iron eagle in its future? I sincerely doubt those held up well.

    • Oh man, as a kid, I used to watch Iron Eagle II like every day.

      That's a great idea!

      • Did you see the third one? That one was my jam!

        LouGoss and his old boys fly their W-W-2 fighter planes against the drug cartel jet fighters to stop all the drugs!

        I think I wore out the cassette.

  • MadRatatosk

    These are absolutely brilliant. I'll throw my vote in for the Mikey treatment of X-Men: The Last Stand. Not because I have anything against Mikey, I swear.

    Alternatively, Peter Jackson's spectacularly B-grade zombie flick, Bad Taste.

    • Giggleloop

      Ooh if we're going Peter Jackson back catalog, what about Meet The Feebles?

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