Get Our Album: Game of Chainsaws


We are psyched to release 15 songs, commercials and skits from the first year of the Chainsawsuit podcast! Free to download! But if you want to pay more than zero bucks, that’s cool by us! Hear us extol the virtues of Stouffer’s in exchange for sponsorship! Put your chainsaws in the air to the anthem “Put ‘Em Up!” Let Buzz Calhoun bum you out in an airport Chili’s!

This album is offered for free if you enter $0 as your purchase price. But if you would like to be a contributor to the show, we’d appreciate it! We love you either way. You can grab it at either Gumroad or Bandcamp!

Thanks for listening and get ready for Year Two!

  • Nuurgle

    Slightly better than a chainsaw to the ears, and a bargain at twice the price!

  • Giggleloop

    Wooooooooo!!! Chainsawsuit Hypeman!!!! Yeeeeaaahhh! We got the hottest jams coming your way right now from K-streezy an' Mikey Neuuuuumannnnnnnn! *sirens* Street official mixtape all up in yo earholes! *fog horn*

    Huzzah! This makes me supremely happy. As it happens, I am beyond broke until next payday, but once I get paid, I will rain coinage upon you lovely gentlemen. 🙂

  • Everyone needs to download this abum because it is amazeballs and awesome and it is SO worth your money. GO DO IT!

  • LMcCJ

    Love how you altered the Introduction, Mikey.

    I had forgotten all about Buzz Calhoun and Commissioner Gordon! I guess it's time to cue up some oldies.

    Money well spent, everyone! Or, listen for free and NEVER leave!

    • Giggleloop

      I've always felt like that intro song would be the theme for their TGIF comedy half hour series.

  • LMcCJ

    We can't Rate or Review this on Gumroad or bandcamp?

    It's got a great beat and you can dance to it. 98

  • bubble

    Holly crap! This album is awesome! All Along the Watchtower is the effing shit!

  • wawoo i have no words to explain great album best wishes for you guys…

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