Update your RSS feed URL!

RSS subscribers! Lookit this! Important!

Chainsawsuit is moving its feed away from Feedburner. It’s not a very well-kept secret that Google has been quietly shuttering its Feedburner services since acquiring it. Now I’m discovering that Chainsawsuit’s Feedburner RSS isn’t even updating in a timely way anymore. I’m looking it right now and it’s just Monday’s strip, and here we are on Wednesday.

Here’s the new RSS URL: http://chainsawsuit.com/feed

The Feedburner feed will be changed to reflect this too.

  • This feed doesn't seem to be showing anything newer than the "Shredded Box" comic. 🙁

    • Wait, I'm wrong. Now it's working.

      Maybe I was just being crazy.

  • a guy

    Thanks it works now!

  • JoshWay

    Did you find a Feedburner alternative, or did you "roll your own"?

    • krisstraub

      i'm just using the default wordpress feed now.

  • Code Red

    Ah, you mean the new Timeslip™ facility – if you've missed the strip from three days ago, this allows you to do it without the tedious clicking of the "back" button, and it means you get the opportunity to post something "funny" on page 6 of the comments, which has already been posted way back on page 1, thus earning you those all important downvotes.

  • Hagrok

    Hmm, I'm still getting "giant squid recorded on video" on my feed.

  • Danman

    Slogan idea: "Just Desserts: Get What's Coming To You"

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