Saw It For You: Homeland, Season 3

WARNING: I was very lucky to get an advanced look at the entirety of Season 3 of the hit Showtime series Homeland. I stayed up late and watched every episode in one sitting. I kind of felt like I was a spy double-agent! Because to watch Season 3, I had to betray my friend who was fired from his job at the network.

As with all Saw It For You articles, the following contains major spoilers.

Episode by Episode Synopsis

  • Episode 1: “Angry Sally.” With the death of all public officials in front of him for succession of the presidency, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) uneasily takes office. His wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) has sex with his best friend Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) during the swearing-in.
  • Episode 2: “The Pizza Man.” Saul (Mandy Patinkin) quits the CIA and is re-hired as a CIA consultant to the vacant position he just left, at three times his salary. During a breakdown, Carrie (Claire Danes) yells at a pawn shop saxophone.
  • Episode 3: “Horse for Broke.” Brody is instructed to perform an assassination during a State of the Union speech.
  • Episode 4: “That Old Devil Moon.” Saul loses a thumbdrive containing time-sensitive intel somewhere in his beard. Meanwhile, terrorist leader Abu Nazir’s (Navid Negahban) chicken restaurant cover operation becomes so popular he’s forced to run it like a real business.
  • Episode 5: “Snips and Snails.” Nazir delays plans to blow up the Washington Monument as he revamps Clucky’s value menu.
  • Episode 6: “The Pact.” Jessica discovers a new way to sort-of-but-not-really trust her entire family.
  • Episode 7: “Caribbean Queen.” CIA Director David Estes (David Harewood) becomes suspicious after finding a blasting cap in his Clucky’s Dollar Chicken Snackers.
  • Episode 8: “Temba, His Arms Wide.” Brody is forced to concoct an elaborate “Weekend at Bernie’s” ruse after Carrie finds him with a senator’s dead body. Carrie is unconvinced they are merely having a “pretend to be asleep” contest.
  • Episode 9: “Hospital Song.” Despite being unable to find the intel thumbdrive, Saul refuses to shave even under threat of torture by Quinn (Rupert Friend). Later, Quinn discovers Saul is immune to waterboarding due to the vast network of natural air pockets inside his beard.
  • Episode 10: “Packed With Peanuts.” Carrie has a major freakout episode when her doctor accidentally refills her anti-psychotic prescription with an illegal race horse stimulant. Estes, however, is impressed with her new go-getter attitude.
  • Episode 11: “The Ghost and Mrs. Brody.” Jessica and Mike vow to stop having sex in her marital bed. Later, Brody comes home early to find Jessica and Mike having sex on the roof of the garage.
  • Episode 12: “The Death of Abu Nazir.” We won’t spoil it for you, but a major character dies in this two-hour season finale.

Revealing Mistakes

  • The CIA is not in possession of handguns which only fire when “user craziness” is detected.
  • A full-size spy plane could not secretly patrol the interior of a family home, undetected, for eight months.
  • Continuity. During the interrogation at CIA headquarters, Nicholas Brody is handed a scrap of yellow paper which reads “you are now the head of both Al Qaeda and Hamas.” When it later falls out of his pocket onto the teleprompter, the scrap is now white.
  • Intelligence officer rank has never been related to beard length.
  • Dialogue goof. Jessica Brody accidentally refers to her husband by his first name instead of calling him “Brody,” implying that she is more than an acquaintance of his.
  • Continuity. At the barbecue where Brody hands his son Chris (Jackson Pace) a hamburger, Chris’ eyes dance with childishly-idyllic worship of his do-no-wrong war hero father. When the camera pans to Chris a second time, his eyes dance with slightly less worship.
  • Plot hole. Despite high levels of security in the Oval Office, Brody casually uses a wasp knife to open a bag of potato chips.
  • Before dinner, Brody’s daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) is seen doing her homework instead of exuding an all-encompassing, disdainful ennui.
  • Continuity. Very very briefly at the 12:06 mark in Episode 4 (you may have to pause frame-by-frame to catch it), Carrie Matheson stops looking like she’s trying to take a sudden, emotionally-charged number two.
  • strombolus

    The Pizza Hut wasp knife injects hotdogs into the wound.

  • Dialogue goof: In episode 10 when Quinn admits to Carrie that he is "a triple double-agent with no takebacksies" this doesn't take into account his betrayal of Clucky in episode 7.

  • Plot hole: Jack Bauer is not ever seen, even in situations where he should logically be in.

  • Sam

    Goof: Before Saul tells Carrie "wow, you're really freaking out right now" in Episode 6, Carrie appears to be the calmest she's been the entire series.

  • krisstraub

    today i learned 4 of my readers actually watch homeland. everyone else had no idea what any of this stuff meant

    • Cory McD

      Just got home. Haven't watched much of the show, but plan to at some point. Linking this to friends who do.

      It's Friday. Maybe people are out partying?

      • Cory McD

        Funny regardless. :0)
        I can't wait until you have enough of these to make an entire website.

    • Jack

      I know what it all means, I just don't have anything funny to add, to my eternal shame.

    • Hectate

      I'd seen adverts for it but haven't had time to follow up and watch it. That said, Damian Lewis was really fun to watch in the (unfortunately) short series "Life" and I was curious if he was just as interesting in this series. Maybe it'll come out on Netflix at some point and I'll binge watch it.

  • o0o

    Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Estes the mole appears not to react when he sees that Carrie's wall-sized macaroni-and-glitter mural reads "Estes is the mole", before he destroys it. But his claim that the macaroni was classified could have been just an excuse, so he could keep being the mole.

  • RoboGoofers

    Shaka, when the walls fell

  • hats

    In the final episode, guest directed by M NIght Shyamalan, it is revealed in a shocking twist that the Homeland… HAS BEEN CANADA ALL ALONG.
    Also all the characters are dead.

  • bobhope

    Continuity. Some characters appearing to have been resurrected, but the method of resurrection is never explained.

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