Saw it for You: Prometheus 2

Using a sophisticated predictive algorithm, the Chainsawsuit entertainment mainframe (entertainframe) has been able to derive the entirety of the Prometheus sequel based on this announcement. I watched the whole thing and have readied its IMDB entry, even though I won’t be able to add it there until the movie comes out in 2015. WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Prometheus 2 (2015)

Synopsis. After escaping the deadly planet LV-223, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and android David (Michael Fassbender) crashland on LV-223-2, where they find another Weyland research vessel — the Sisyphus — preparing to research more alien ruins with even deadlier results.


  • After Prometheus, director Ridley Scott immediately began work on a sequel, saying there was “still more to tell after the planet or whatever blew up (sic).”
  • During a marathon session, the writers finished a total of 18 completely different screenplays for the sequel. Ridley Scott chose the 15th screenplay with a resounding “that one, I guess.”
  • The after-credits scene is the movie Gladiator (2000).


  • Scientifically, there is no way for a planet to be “right next door” to another planet, regardless of how many times the line “It was right next door to us! All this time!” is fearfully intoned as the camera dramatically pushes in on the speaker’s terror-stricken face.
  • Continuity. In the mapping chamber scene, David is somehow holding his own head, even though his only head was reattached to his neck earlier in the film. The angle then changes to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw observing the map screen. When the angle returns to David, he is now holding two David heads.
  • An alien with “combination alkaline and acid blood” would just have blood with balanced pH.
  • When Dr. Hogeboom autopsies the alien’s corpse, he declares “it’s a goddamn Prometheor.” He meant to say “it’s a goddamn Promethoid.” No one has ever seen a Prometheor.
  • Audio goof. Due to an audio mixing mistake, someone can be heard earnestly humming the Meow Mix jingle during the fight with the Titan Promethoid.
  • The crab aliens are incredibly lethal when first encountered, yet at the first sign of hunger, Williams says he’ll just “grab and eat one of those crab aliens.”
  • There is no possible evolutionary reason for alien meat to taste exactly like piping-hot savory New England crab.
  • Based on the technology demonstrated in the Alien series, it seems unlikely that the crew could escape a gravitational field by adjusting a lever on the bridge labeled “Planet Size.”
  • Continuity. Referring to his past as an assassin, Geizel tells Dr. Shaw, “since the corrective surgery, that part of my life is behind me forever.” However, during the attack on the colony, Geizel once again has infinitely-regenerating rocket fists.

Incorrectly Regarded as Goofs

  • In the scene where Dr. Falmouth screams, “What’s been happening on that ship?” the movie cuts to a shot of an empty, silent chair for eight solid minutes. This was intentional.
  • In the medbay sequence aboard the Sisyphus, part of a downtown Burbank soundstage is visible through a porthole. This was intended to signify Dr. Shaw’s wistful longing to return to downtown Burbank, where many movies were shot during Hollywood’s 20th-century heyday.
  • We have no way of knowing what a foot-long Subway® Cold Cut Trio™ would cost in 2093. With even conservative estimates of inflation, a $5 sandwich would be remarkably cheap in 2093, and Captain Richel would be correct in naming it “an incredible — and incredibly delicious — value.”
  • Geizel smiles knowingly at a photograph of an adult Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in his locker. In 2093, Ellen Ripley would only be one year old, but Geizel may have kept a memento from the 1979 Earth movie Alien with him for cinema buff reasons.

Memorable Quotes
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: These things are killers! They were never meant to be controlled and studied!
Dr. John Hogeboom: I thought we’d be far away enough. But their planet was right next door to us. All this time.
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: You son of a bitch.

David: Decks A through G reporting complete containment failure. Someone disabled the decontamination grid at the source.
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: This is one giganto screwup!

David: I have researched the historical significance of the name “Sisyphus.” He was a Greek figure, damned to repeat the folly of his past over and over as punishment.
Dr. Falmouth: It’d be pretty ironic if the crew of our ship lived up to that namesake. Like if we each were the Sisyphus in our own story.
David: It would be.
Dr. Falmouth: That’s the name of our ship, too. Sisyphus.

Dr. John Hogeboom: This extraterrestrial could have been the find of the century. Too bad we didn’t find it when it was still alive. (throws alien into wastebasket)

  • I don't know if I can stop laughing at this

    • this is becoming a medical concern for me as well

  • Jim


    Ingestion of a single Subway Cold Cut Trio Footlong does not result the development of a thick, oozing carapace as depicted multiple times during the film.

    • No, this was an intentional tie in with subway, who will launching a line of carapace building six inches this fall.

  • Russ Nickel

    I'm sure you get this all the time, but this is the best thing ever…Father!

  • Dan


    • SwiftAusterity

      Cameron hit up Snoop Dogg right before he went to Jamaica to get an Alien Crab rap song for this upcoming movie.

      It is the last song he recorded prior to changing his name.

  • Derp Werps

    "Doctor, this plan doesn't make sense on even the most basic logical level. A five-year-old child could handily poke holes in its basic premises."
    "Maybe…but god damn it, it's the only chance we've got."

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs:
    * When PFC Bill Hudson the First urges his squadmates to "check out these guns," he points to his biceps. It is entirely possible that a blow to the head or some other trauma has caused him to forget the difference between biceps and guns; alternatively, he may have never been taught how to distinguish between the two.
    * The Space Jockey who duels Muyuki Yutani atop the U.S. Bank Tower uses a fighting style that appears to be Muay Thai kickboxing. It's likely that the Space Jockey is in fact using an alien martial art that simply resembles Muay Thai kickboxing in every particular, or indeed that at some point in the past Space Jockeys visited Earth to teach humans Muay Thai kickboxing.
    * It seems implausible that a Predator could pass unnoticed at a dinner party, even if it were wearing a suit and tie. However, there's no reason to believe that the other guests at the dinner party aren't all blind and deaf.

  • JPLC

    Memorable Quotes:
    Geizel: Have a taste of my SisyFIST! (shoots rocket fist at alien)

  • Eugene

    I honestly believe James Cameron will direct the sequel and it will involve a planet inhabited by large smurfs. This will ensure all movies I loved as a child end up being ruined sometime in the future.

    • o0o

      yeah, smurfs are supposed to be small

  • Man At Work

    I thought the sequel would be James Cameron's Prometheuses.

    • djublonskopf


  • RoboGoofers

    Memorable Quotes:
    Dr. Shaw: "But that doesn't explain how we survived the crash landing? Why aren't we dead?"
    David: "It must be the Midichlorians. Or whatever the MacGuffin is…"
    (Voice, off camera) "We'll fix that in post, keep going"

  • FanMan

    While it is often thought that the dog dropping a deuce in the corner bridge of the Sisyphus when Dr. Shaw first enters the room is witty foreshadowing of the catastrophes that Jonesy gets the crew into in the original Alien film, this was actually just Ridley Scott's dog being left unsupervised at Scott's request. Scott said that he "didn't want Muttsy's creative process to be stifled just like the story of Prometheus 2 was by the poor acting he was seeing."

  • IndieMoose

    James Cameron, after being confronted on the set of Prometheus 2, revealed that "We initially thought the 2 in the title of Prometheus 2 meant we simply had to multiply the first Prometheus movie by 2, and in the process we would create a sequel twice as good!"

  • Late to the party, but the phrase "earnestly humming the Meow Mix jingle" almost made me choke to death on my PBJ.

  • Dallstownfairs

    Shooting on the film had to be delayed three days when the fourteen-foot reticulated python that played Dr. Hogeboom swallowed actor Channing Tatum and was no longer able to fit into costume.

  • futuretaikonaut

    I just got word that Ridley Scott had a chance to see this blog post, realized it was better than the script he had, and the Kris Straub story has not only been greenlighted, but fast-tracked.

  • tricksterwolf

    Still far better than the first one.