mission accomplished

Last Thursday Scott, Wil and I were in Australia hosting the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s night of video game arrangements, Symphony of Legends: Video Games Unplugged. I am usually very sarcastic here at Chainsawsuit but I can’t bring myself to do it now!

A magical night I was grateful to participate in. Everyone was incredible.

Source: Kotaku AU

  • Testicles

    I was there! Excellent night, we're all thankful you three popped down to show us a good time.

  • Guesto McGuest

    That's really, really cool. The look on your face in that pic is basically unbridled joy.

    • Shishu1025

      hopefully he wasn't feeling too scared!

  • JPLC

    The link to Kotaku is broken.

  • Ohlookatme

    Wow Mac from Always Sunny has great taste in music

  • screamingstopsign

    Committing to the joke.

    Great night, great blam panel, great meeting you!

  • Larry N. Martin

    whoa lots of comments

  • Odious

    Scott cleans up nice, he should wear suits more often and you can enjoy old t-shirts and ripped jeans from college days gone by.

  • friends

    What's it like being acquainted with someone who's been on TV…does he smell nice?