Request for merch/giveaway ideas

Hello friends, we are gearing up for con season so I have a question — what are some cool examples of convention swag you’ve gotten recently? It’s not that I’m going to just turn around and make a cooler version of that. I mean. If you comment here with ideas for Chainsawsuit stuff you want as merch or as convention special items, it’s not like… I’ll just be mining your desires for product ideas or anything.

It’s not that I’m so out of touch with convention season from last year that I’m at a loss for products or anything! I know I’m making new shirts and some new books in the next few months. Ha ha! Ha!

But you know, like… buttons, or stickers… or… posters…

  • LuDux

    Stickers! My computer case needs Chainsawsuit guy on it.

  • JRock

    I thought this said 'Request for meth' for a second!

    • krisstraub

      okay where can we meet

    • Wait, it didn't?

  • I haven't seen key chains in a while! Maybe something like that? It would be especially cool with a little Two Cops or something danglin' there.

    • When I was being assembled, one of the workers accidentally added another dangly bit to my keyring, now I'm

      Two Keychains.

  • The Cyanide and Happiness guys were giving out autographed high-fives at Comic-Con, pretty legit.

    • krisstraub

      i already give out mega-fives to those who ask!

      • Crap, I should have asked you for one 🙁

      • Eldiran

        Can I get a ultra-five with a side of brofist, or does that cost extra

  • Nico

    Laptop stickers, for a macbook would be cool. Those cool stickers that somehow incorperate the apple logo.

  • chainsawsuit guy rub on tattoos!!!

  • LuDux

    Also, Official Chainsawsuit ™ Hot Salad ™ Tubes ™

  • Jolt

    I want a chainsawsuit plush series. Plush cthulhu, plush two cops, plush chainsawsuit, etc!

    • krisstraub

      yes! this is in the works

      • I would pay you many many dollars for a Famous Chef with his tongue sticking out, with the little "Here lies flavor" tombstone.

        many dollars.

    • RoboGoofers

      how about plush chainsaws that i can strap to my body?

  • toothbrushes

    This is great news because I was sitting there like an hour or two ago and just randomly thought how cool it would be if there were Chainsaw Suit toothbrushes. I really do not know how I thought of that. You should make those. They would probably be cheap and awesome.

    • krisstraub

      like, with a rotary motor that sawed your teeth clean

      • toothbrushes

        I'll be sad if you don't make these now. Heck if you made a toothbrush of anything, I would buy one and one for a bunch of my friends.

    • A consumer

      I'd buy one.

  • Zim

    The best give away from Chainsawsuit? …. *begins dreaming of running through a field hand in hand with Kris* oh erm… As a giveaway as others have said stickers are always good and can help make more people aware of you. They are also very cheap to make. Or sell them if you think it's too much as a giveaway.

    For merch t-shirts, books etc are always great. This may just be me but I also like stationery, you know chainsawsuit pencils or something.

  • Loco Lobo

    How about a Chainsawsuit chainsaw suit?

  • Ceeps

    There were these little red stress balls that some dev gave us for playing a sweet Indie game at PAX East. That thing got a lot of use in our dorm room, bouncing it on the walls / throwing it at people. I could see them colored white, with famous chef or Cthulhu on it.

  • BigTime

    Need to do a theme…. Chainsawsuit watches it for you, and have some epic movie posters done chainsawsuit style…

  • Bear

    I want a chainsawsuit?

  • Clipboard.

  • I would love a White mug with black letters that said "Law and Order: 1999 Cybercrimes Unit", or maybe just "1999 Cybercrimes unit" with some hilarious stylized badge. I would be the king of work.

    L&O spoofs are my fav on here.

    • God, i gotta go re-read that fanfic…

    • Dan


  • If you were to make a limited edition maquette of, say, chainsawsuit guy, I would pay cash dollars for it.
    I realise it is an expensive venture, but what if you were to offer it via Kickstarter?

    Also: baby cthulhu plush.

  • Adam

    Something with H.P. Wuvcraft dreaming of a horribly graphically realistic creature born of nightmare.

    Like a toothbrush.

  • Dan

    I'd love a "Christian Motivational" style poster with Angry Chef's tirade from the Blams (this pasta is a disastah! Do it again and make it much fastah!) in a script font, with Angry Chef's face faded over a beach background.

  • coolkid

    A limited edition signed chainsaw?

  • Guy T.

    A local brewery, Great Lakes, once gave away credit-card-sized bottle openers that you could put in your wallet. I lost mine somewhere along the way. A replacement would be great, especially if it featured Wuvcraft. But I probably won't be making it to any fancy Left Coast comic orgies anytime soon so I guess it's a moot point.

    Also, Frisbees are always good. Or you could make your own chainsawsuit microbrew and give away bottles of it. That would probably be the awesomest "merch," not to mention the most expensive per unit and the most likely to get you arrested for violating state liquor laws.

  • I would like a enamel badge from the college of huntyr chase, official school of douchbaggery

    • RoboGoofers

      you could do a bunch of wallet cards for the huntyr chase school, like professional wingman, official beer pong referee, lady appraisalist, certificate of not-gayness

      etc. Of course the guys that buy these will be dicks, but they have money too.

  • So, I might be COMPLETELY crazy…but I actually think a really awesome custom-branded ACTUAL CHAINSAW would be about one of the coolest things you could possibly bestow upon someone.

    I would want one…

  • Pedro del Taco

    Action figures! Action figures with Kung Fu Chainsaw Grip!

    Or, if you want to go cheap DIY, how about those poker card sized cardboard stand-up figures? People could cut them out, fold them and color them… Oh wait…

  • Grent

    A real-life chainsawsuit.

  • hello

    A Chainsawsuit plush. I mean that white anthropomorphous blob (or stylized person, if you prefer) with chainsaws on limbs.
    That, or a Kirs Straub real doll.

  • BaloneyJustice

    Come on! Chainsawsuit chainsaws DUA!

  • Matt Q.

    Two Cops badges. Like the two-badges-in-one thing that he carries around.

  • Zubrin

    I find that containers serve a dual purpose. They help at the convention itself for you to tote things around and will often have a good lifespan after the convention itself. Imagine having CSS emblem dice bags adorning RPG tables, next to half empty bottles of Mountain Dew, replacing those passe purple and gold Crown Royale bags.

    “Why does your bag have Chainsaws all over it?”
    “Oh? You haven’t heard of Kris Straub? He is a peddler of fine materials and good laughs.”
    “Ohh…I tend to stay away from peddler-friendly websites.”

    Naturally, the success of post-convention life-span will depend on the size, material, and look of such containers.

    • RoboGoofers

      chainsawsuit disposable Tupperware?

  • zed

    Captain Planet style Planeteer rings.

  • Steve B.

    Chainsawsuit-branded hoverboards like from Back to the Future 2. Fully autonomous, Turing-tested robotic versions of Chainsawsuit characters (note: do not necessarily have to be based on Chainsawsuit characters, what matters is that they are intelligent robots). A pizza cannon like the guy from Pizza Force uses, pizza included, must be delicious, please note that I have NY-based pizza standards, don't try coming at me with some West Coast BS, I know everyone else in the US gets mad at New Yorkers for putting down their pizza but you people seriously have no effing idea what you are doing in that realm, just suck it up and deal with it. What was I talking about, I lost my train of thought.

  • You need Chainsawsuit-branded pint glasses.

    "I was manufactured to hold a pint. … now I'm two cups!"

    • (Joke explaining for metric people : There are two cups to one pint. That is the joke.)

      • Ze_Bobbo

        This is phenomenal, I wholly support this thought

  • movethearmchair

    Hand sanitizer with Famous Chef yelling at you on the front would be awesome.

  • Salmon Salmon

    Buttons featuring any character would be swell.

  • Marc

    Totally need a Patch of the chainsaw suit man running.

  • Preston

    figurine sets of established chainsawsuit characters? they'd look great in a cubicle or on a desk, make them with a black and white color pallette too, production might be costly though so it's probably just wishful thinking on my part

  • Dan

    The absolute coolest con gear I got in the late 90's (95 or 96, I don't remember exactly). It was a job fair for technical professionals and one of the booths was giving out interlocking puzzle erasers.

    Examples of the interlocking puzzles can be found here:

    All the peices were made out of the hard eraser material, they were awesome and laster far longer than the company that sent them out (It had the companies name on them for advertising).

    The puzzle I picked up is here:

    One of my co-workers picked up a cube (VERY similar to the eraser cube listed and pictured on the page above).

    That was the coolest con gear I have ever picked up (Even though it was a job fair).

    A close second was a pair of socks with the companies logo monogrammed on them. Sounds lame, but hey, everyone wears socks.


    T-shirts and posters featuring all my favorite Chainsawsuit characters… you know the ones.