chainsawsuit labs is open for labsiness

have you guys seen this yet? i used to have another site, long ago, where i threw things at the wall and determined whether or not you like them. it was chainsawsuit before chainsawsuit. but now chainsawsuit is this thing you know already, so i’m throwing things at an all-new wall: chainsawsuit labs.

it’s in beta now, but soon i will add a way for you to contribute comics using the power of web you.0, an internet content platform i invented in 2008 before it was all the rage to crowdsource intellectual property. subscribe to the rss! come on back! read all the time friends for now

  • derp

    why are they all time friends

  • paat


    • paat

      They're still all Time Friends

      • Galevav


        • china to go


  • Ted

    Mr.Straub, I salute you. I missed Time Friends and had maybe three strips saved to my computerbox. I used to go to your old site daily. Hell, I still have a bookmark for Chex in Firefox, in case he ever rises again. Didn't you also do a strip about a pharaoh for awhile? Also, I hope you continue F Chords someday.

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