hey guys, i am 99.9% happy with your reporting of abusive or cruel comments using the “report” link beside every comment. it’s a great link used by great people. but for the 0.01% who sometimes click “report” when they read an unfunny comment:

– the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons are for voting on comment quality. if someone’s joke sucks, vote it down. if someone’s joke is boring, vote it down. (of course if the comment is good, vote it up)

– the “report” link is for when someone’s comment is hateful, racist, sexist, abusive, or inappropriately offensive. if someone is trying to start a flame war, report them. you get a little field where you can explain why you’re reporting the comment to me. “not funny” is not a reason to report it. it is a reason to vote it down though

thanks for making the comments way better than any other site’s comments